UNDP Rwanda Annual Report 2008

Published on 01 Mar 2009 (19 pages)

In resonance with the One United Nations reform to improve coherence and effectiveness of the United Nations System support at country level, and at the request of the Government, Rwanda was selected as one of the eight pilot countries for the One UN reform alongside Albania,  Cape Verde,  Mozambique,  Pakistan, Tanzania, Uruguay, and Vietnam. The reform process coalesces all the country UN agencies under One identity, One leader and One programme promoting the development efforts of the UN Country Team.

Through One Programme, as articulated in the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and the Common Operational Document, the UN Agencies in Rwanda are better aligned and more coherent in their support to the Government of Rwanda in achievement of the EPDRS, Vision 2020 and the MDGs. The reform process is in its nascent stage and there is increasing evidence of coherence and realignment of UN support to the Government of Rwanda.

UNDP programmes  are realigned with the UNDAF. Under this common strategic framework; UNDP support to the Government of Rwanda is based on Democratic Governance and Environment pillars. The performance of the UNDP Country Office in 2008 was encouraging - against a backdrop  of the global financial crisis, in the drive for results, excellence and contribution to human development.
The support of successful free and fair 2008 Parliamentary elections under Democratic Governance was a major achievement.

Notable as well was the endorsement of the Joint Governance Assessment by the Government of Rwanda that resulted in a more coherent and comprehensive Programme for Strengthening Good Governance that was cognizant of the need to promote gender equity and empowerment.

A key achievement under UNDP support in public administration was the ranking of Nyagatare District in first position during the 2008 “Imihigo” performance contract evaluation – for best service delivery and management in the Province.

In 2008, under the Poverty and Environment Initiative, the envi- ronment portfolio built the capacities of technical officers from thirty districts for mainstreaming environmental management in the district development planning process.  Environmental awareness campaigns  were held in Western Province districts as catalysts  of change in raising environmental awareness at the local level.

The  United Nations Volunteers  in 2008 provided support in strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations in their response to HIV/AIDS.

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