Democratic Governance

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  • Implementing the African Peer Review Mechanism - Challenges and OpportunitiesThe African Governance Forum (AGF) is a UNDP flagship governance programme conceived as a joint initiative with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) within the framework of the United Nations System-wide Special Initiative on Africa (UNSIA).

  • Gender mainstraiming Strategy and Plan of action 2007-2012UNDP CO in Rwanda has developed a country office gender mainstreaming strategy. The UNDP corporate policy document on gender as well as a range of national and international policies on gender equality and women’s empowerment are in place to guide UNDP Rwanda’s work on gender.


As a result of the war and genocide of 1994, there was a total breakdown of institutions, systems, structures and human capacity in Rwanda. Since then, the country has gone through a painful challenge of rebuilding the entire governance infrastructure. From the period of emergency, through the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase up to the current effort of long-term development, a considerable amount of work has been done in the spheres of re-establishing and strengthening good governance.


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