Gender Mainstreaming Strategy and Plan of Action 2007-2012

25 Oct 2007

Gender Mainstreaming has been recognised by the UN as a globally accepted strategy for promoting gender equality,to ensure that all programme activity effectively takes gender equality into consideration and that efficiency in all programmes has a maximum impact.

This has been established in the current UNDP corporate gender strategy and the RBA Gender Strategy. In order to better fulfill this commitment at the national level,
UNDP CO in Rwanda has developed a country office gender mainstreaming strategy.

The UNDP corporate policy document on gender as well as a range of national and international policies on gender equality and
women’s empowerment are in place to guide UNDP Rwanda’s work on gender. The issue at stake is not why but rather how
to mainstream gender. This strategy aims to guide the change
process which is needed in order to fulfill UNDP’s commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment.
It will guide both our internal changes as well as external commitments.
Ultimately, it is a strategy to attain our long-term mainstreaming goals, by putting in place a set of internal mechanisms.

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