Job Vacancies

Job Title Contract type Agency Location Apply by
The Office of United Nations Population Fund (UNFP) is seek to recruit a Rwandan Operations Manager Description of Assignment FTA Nation UNFPA Kigali 28-Sept2015 Open
National UNV- Communications
Associate Social Media Description of Assignment  
UNDP   Kigali   31-May2015   Open
Head, Management Support Unit (MSU) Terms of Reference FTA International UNDP Kigali 02-Jan2013 Closed
Operations Manager Tems of Reference
FTA National UNWomen Kigali 27-Jan2014 Closed
ICT Support Assistant Terms of Reference
FTA National UNDP Kigali 07-Feb2014 Closed
Procurement Officer Job Description
FTA National WFP Kigali 02-March2014 Closed
Programme Officer Job Description
FTA National WFP Kigali 02-March2014 Closed
Communications Analyst Job Description FTA National UNDP Kigali 24-March2014 Closed
Human Resources Officer Job Description FTA National WFP Kigali 11-May 2014 Closed
International Technical Advisor/ Poverty Environment Initiative Job Description Job Description
FTA International UNDP Kigali 24-June-2014 Closed
Finance Specialist  Job Description FTA National UNDP Kigali 01-Sept-2014 Closed
NIM Project Manager Job Description
Service Contract UNDP Kigali 25-Aug-2014 Closed
Communication Analyst Job Description   FTA National   One UN Rwanda Kigali   27-Oct-14 Closed 
Communication Analyst Job Description   FTA National   UNDP Kigali   27-Oct-14 Closed
Communication Specialist Job Description   FTA National   One UN Rwanda   Kigali   27-Oct-14
Project Coordinator Rapid Planning Job Description   Service Contact   UN-Habitat   Kigali   08- Dec -14   Closed 
Communication Analyst Job Description   FTA National   UNDP Kigali   06- Feb-15   Closed  
Communication Specialist Job Description   FTA National   One UN Rwanda   Kigali   06- Feb-15   Closed 
National Programme Officer Job Description   FTA National   UNWOMEN Kigali   27-Feb-15 Closed 
Maternal Health and Midwifery Officer Job Description       FTA National   UNFPA
Kigali   01-June-15 Open  
Programme Assistant Job Description   FTA National   UNFPA Kigali   01-June-15 Open  
Finance Associate Job Description   FTA National   UNDP Kigali   20-May-15 Closed


Submitting a job application

If you want to apply for a specific job at UNDP Rwanda, click on the job title to view the job description and click on ‘apply now’ to apply.

When filling the application, you will be asked to briefly state why you are an outstanding candidate for the job. This is nothing else but a cover letter to explain why you think you can do the job; will do the job and will fit in within UNDP Rwanda. Prepare it before hands.

At the end of your application, you will be given a chance to upload your resume. UNDP requires for a Personal History Form , if you want to submit it together with your competency-based resume, please put them in one file in one of the accepted formats.

Evaluation of the application

Your application is evaluated in terms of experience, education and skills. This is done in two stages. The first stage is known as long listing, whereby only applicants that meet the minimum requirements of the position are selected. The second stage is known as shortlisting and at this one; only 4 to 7 best applicants are selected to undergo a technical written assessment. For shortlisting, applications are thoroughly scored by a panel based on a set of criteria well established in advance.

If it is determined that you are not eligible or only meet some or none of the requirements for a particular job, you will be informed, at the appropriate time, that your application was unsuccessful for this particular job. In this case, you should not be discouraged but apply for other jobs for which you feel you are qualified.

Technical written assessment

The technical written exams assess the candidates’ technical and cognitive knowledge of the subject. These assessment exercises are conducted in strict confidence. They are coded and marked anonymously. You will be informed in advance of the time, type and length of the assessment. If, based on the result of the assessment, you are invited for a competency-based interview, you are informed accordingly.

If you are not short-listed for the competency-based interview, you will be so informed at the appropriate time.

Competency-based interview

The competency-based interview can take place either via telephone, video conference or in person. You will be notified in advance of the time, duration and means and/or place of the interview. During the interview, we learn more about your combination of skills, attributes and behaviour that are directly related to your successful performance on the job.

Reference Checks

Appointment at the UNDP is subject to satisfactory and complete verification of academic qualifications and employment. If you are a candidate under closer consideration, reference checks will be conducted and you will be notified accordingly. Regarding academic qualifications, only applicants with academic qualifications from accredited (officially recognized) universities or institutions are considered eligible. The accreditation status of an educational institution is verified through this reference check procedure.

As for the employment verification, if you had indicated in your application that you have objections to contacting your current employer, this employer is not contacted until you have actually been selected for and you have confirmed your interest in a position.

Compliance Review Panel/Board

Based on all the findings of the various evaluation and assessment stages, a pool of qualified candidates is recommended for selection. Such a recommendation is reviewed by an independent review body, composed of staff and management representatives, which make sure that the applicable procedures were followed correctly and that all applicants were considered in a fair, transparent and objective manner.

Selection notification

After the review body has endorsed the recommended candidates, a selection decision is made by the head of office for normally one individual, or if several positions are available, for the corresponding number of vacancies to fill.

If you are the selected candidate, you are informed that you have been selected.

If you were in the group of candidates recommended for selection, but you were not selected for a particular job opening, you may be included in the roster of recommended candidates for similar positions within the United Nations Common System in Rwanda.

Roster of candidates

A roster is a pool of candidates who have already been vetted as viable candidates through the application process.

If you have been included in the roster, either based on the recommendation for a specific or for a generic job opening, you can potentially be selected for an upcoming job opening without having to undergo the entire application process.