UNDP Rwanda Team

Resident Cordinator's Office

UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Lamin M. Manneh,

email: lamin.manneh@one.un.org

UN Coordination Specialist ( Policy, Programmes & Business Operations), Mr. George Otoo,

email: george.otoo@one.un.org

UN Coordination Analyst (NRAs), Ms. Solange Uwera,

email: solange.uwera@one.un.org

UN Coordination Analyst, Ms Marie Chantal Rwakazina,

email: marie-chantal.rwakazina@one.un.org

Executive Associate to RR/RC, Ms. Immaculee Karake,

email: immaculee.karake@undp.org

RCO Communication Associate, Mr. Steve Nzaramba,

email: steve.nzaramba@one.un.org


UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Lamin M. Manneh,

email: lamin.manneh@one.un.org

UNDP Country Director, Mr. Stephen Anthony Rodriques,

email: stephen.rodriques@undp.org

Executive Associate to the CD, Ms. Alice Kayibanda,

email: alice.kayibanda@undp.org

Chief, Management Support Unit, Ms. Salma D. El Hag Yousif,

email: salma.elhagyousif@undp.org

Progamme Associate, Management Support Unit, Ms. Aline Kayitesi,

email: kayitesi.aline@undp.org

Communication Analyst: Ms. Gisele Nyampinga,

email: gisele.nyampinga@undp.org

Communication Associate, Mr. Déogratias R. Nkurunziza,

email: deogratias.nkurunziza@undp.org

 UNDP Advisory team

Senior Economics Advisor, VACANT

Research Associate, Mr. Evard Havugimana,

email: evard.havugimana@undp.org  

DIM Project Manager, VACANT

UN Volunteers Coordination Office

UNV Programme Coordinator, Mr. Victor Che Ngutih,

email: victor.che-ngutih@undp.org

UNV Programme Assistant, Ms. Diane Kalikesha, email:


UNDP Programme

Governance and Peace Consolidation

Programme Specialist, Ms. Nadine U. Rugwe, email:


Programme Analyst, Mr. Jean de Dieu Kayiranga, email:


Programme Analyst, Mr. Stijn Houben, email:


Programme Associate, Eugenie Musabyeyezu, email:


Programme Associate, Ms. Cecile Mupfasoni, email:


Poverty Reduction and Environment

Programme Specialist, Ms. Sophie Nyirabakwiye, email: sophie.nyirabakwiye@undp.org

Programme Analyst (Environment), Mr. Bernadin Uzayisaba, email:


Programme Analyst (Poverty reduction), Mr. Janvier Ntalindwa, email:


JPO Programme Analyst (Environment), VACANT

UNV Economist, Mr Nicolas Schmids,

email: nicolas.schmids@undp.org

Programme Associate (Environment), vacant  

Project Management Staff


Environment Specialist (REMA), Dr. Denis Rugege,


IPG Programme Specialist, VACANT

UNDP Operations

Deputy Country Directot/Operations, Mrs Roselyn Sinemani,


Administrative Associate (DCDO's office), Mr. Placide Ruhungande,

email: placide.ruhungande@undp.org


Finance Specialist, vacant  

Finance Associate (PSU), Ms. Aline Kayitesi,


Finance Associate, Ms. Valentine Niwemukobwa,

email: valentine.niwemukobwa@undp.org

Finance Associate, Mr. Fidele Safari,


Finance Assistant, Mr. Josbert Gahunzire,


Human Resources

Human Resources Analyst and Learning Manager, VACANT

Human Resources Associate, Ms. Felicite Dusabe,

email: felicite.dusabe@undp.org


Procurement Analyst, Mr. Eugene Ruhinguka,

email: eugene.ruhinguka@undp.org

Programme Associate, Mr. Nadine Umuhire,

email: nadine.umuhire@undp.org

Information Technology

IT Associate, Mr. Fidele Habimana,

email: fidele.habimana@undp.org

IT Assistant, Mr. Rene Ndayambaje,

email: rene.ndayambaje@undp.org

General Administration

Protocol Assistant, Mr. Chrysante Birasa,

email: chrys.birasa@undp.org

Documents Assistant, Mr. Deogratias Nshimiyimana,

email: deogratias.nshimiyimana@undp.org

Administrative & Logistics Associate, Ms. Placide Murekatet,

email: placide.murekatete@undp.org

Senior Driver (to RC/RR), Mr. Jacques Hitababyaye,

email: jacques.hitababyaye@undp.org

Senior Driver, Mr. Amin Kagabo,

email: amin.kagabo@undp.org

Driver, Mr. Theodore Rutaboba,

email: theodore.rutaboba@undp.org

Driver, Mr. Didace Mupenzi,

email: didace.mupenzi@undp.org

Driver, Mr. Jovin. K. Rutagarama,

email: jovin.rutagarama@undp.org

Driver, Mr. Miradji Nzeyimana,

email: miradji.nzeyimana@undp.org

Driver, Ms. Godelieve Mukayiranga,

email: godelieve.mukayiranga@undp.org