UNDP Rwanda Team

Resident Cordinator's Office

UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Lamin M. Manneh,

email: lamin.manneh@one.un.org

UN Coordination Specialist ( Policy, Programmes & Business Operations), Mr. George Otoo,

email: george.otoo@one.un.org

UN Coordination Analyst (NRAs), Ms. Solange Uwera,

email: solange.uwera@one.un.org

UN Coordination Analyst, Ms Marie Chantal Rwakazina,

email: marie-chantal.rwakazina@one.un.org

Executive Associate to RR/RC, Ms. Immaculee Karake,

email: immaculee.karake@undp.org

RCO Communication Associate, Mr. Steve Nzaramba,

email: steve.nzaramba@one.un.org


UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Lamin M. Manneh,

email: lamin.manneh@one.un.org

UNDP Country Director, Mr. Stephen Anthony Rodriques,

email: stephen.rodriques@undp.org

Executive Associate to the CD, Ms. Alice Kayibanda,

email: alice.kayibanda@undp.org

Chief, Management Support Unit, Ms. Salma D. El Hag Yousif,

email: salma.elhagyousif@undp.org

Progamme Associate, Management Support Unit, Ms. Aline Kayitesi,

email: kayitesi.aline@undp.org

Communication Analyst: Ms. Gisele Nyampinga,

email: gisele.nyampinga@undp.org

Communication Associate, Mr. Déogratias R. Nkurunziza,

email: deogratias.nkurunziza@undp.org

 UNDP Advisory team

Senior Economics Advisor, VACANT

Research Associate, Mr. Evard Havugimana,

email: evard.havugimana@undp.org  

DIM Project Manager, VACANT

UN Volunteers Coordination Office

UNV Programme Coordinator, Mr. Victor Che Ngutih,

email: victor.che-ngutih@undp.org

UNV Programme Assistant, Ms. Diane Kalikesha, email:


UNDP Programme

Governance and Peace Consolidation

Programme Specialist, Ms. Nadine U. Rugwe, email:


Programme Analyst, Mr. Jean de Dieu Kayiranga, email:


Programme Analyst, Mr. Stijn Houben, email:


Programme Associate, Eugenie Musabyeyezu, email:


Programme Associate, Ms. Cecile Mupfasoni, email:


Poverty Reduction and Environment

Programme Specialist, Ms. Sophie Nyirabakwiye, email: sophie.nyirabakwiye@undp.org

Programme Analyst (Environment), Mr. Bernadin Uzayisaba, email:


Programme Analyst (Poverty reduction), Mr. Janvier Ntalindwa, email:


JPO Programme Analyst (Environment), VACANT

UNV Economist, Mr Nicolas Schmids,

email: nicolas.schmids@undp.org

Programme Associate (Environment), vacant  

Project Management Staff


Environment Specialist (REMA), Dr. Denis Rugege,


IPG Programme Specialist, VACANT

UNDP Operations

Deputy Country Directot/Operations, Mrs Roselyn Sinemani,


Administrative Associate (DCDO's office), Mr. Placide Ruhungande,

email: placide.ruhungande@undp.org


Finance Specialist, vacant  

Finance Associate (PSU), Ms. Aline Kayitesi,


Finance Associate, Ms. Valentine Niwemukobwa,

email: valentine.niwemukobwa@undp.org

Finance Associate, Mr. Fidele Safari,


Finance Assistant, Mr. Josbert Gahunzire,


Human Resources

Human Resources Analyst and Learning Manager, VACANT

Human Resources Associate, Ms. Felicite Dusabe,

email: felicite.dusabe@undp.org


Procurement Analyst, Mr. Eugene Ruhinguka,

email: eugene.ruhinguka@undp.org

Programme Associate, Mr. Nadine Umuhire,

email: nadine.umuhire@undp.org

Information Technology

IT Associate, Mr. Fidele Habimana,

email: fidele.habimana@undp.org

IT Assistant, Mr. Rene Ndayambaje,

email: rene.ndayambaje@undp.org

General Administration

Protocol Assistant, Mr. Chrysante Birasa,

email: chrys.birasa@undp.org

Documents Assistant, Mr. Deogratias Nshimiyimana,

email: deogratias.nshimiyimana@undp.org

Administrative & Logistics Associate, Ms. Placide Murekatet,

email: placide.murekatete@undp.org

Senior Driver (to RC/RR), Mr. Jacques Hitababyaye,

email: jacques.hitababyaye@undp.org

Senior Driver, Mr. Amin Kagabo,

email: amin.kagabo@undp.org

Driver, Mr. Theodore Rutaboba,

email: theodore.rutaboba@undp.org

Driver, Mr. Didace Mupenzi,

email: didace.mupenzi@undp.org

Driver, Mr. Jovin. K. Rutagarama,

email: jovin.rutagarama@undp.org

Driver, Mr. Miradji Nzeyimana,

email: miradji.nzeyimana@undp.org

Driver, Ms. Godelieve Mukayiranga,

email: godelieve.mukayiranga@undp.org


Contact UNDP in Rwanda
Phone : +250 252-590400 Mail : registry.rw@undp.org
Fax : +250 252-576263 P.O.BOX 445 Kigali-Rwanda
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In resonance with the One United Nations reform to improve coherence and effectiveness of the United Nations System support at country level, and at the request of the Government, Rwanda was selected as one of the eight pilot countries for the One UN reform.


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