Our values

UNDP is operating with a set of six values that defines the overall standards for organizational behaviour:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Mutual respect
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Results orientation

The purpose of applying these values is to create a code of behaviour that builds a unified culture and supports the vision and mission of UNDP.

The shared values unite and motivate all UNDP staff, regardless of function or level. They define the behaviour expected of all UNDP staff and they provide a framework within which every member of the organization can operate with responsible freedom. Furthermore they constitute a common language for what is needed in the organization and when enforced they also protect staff while demonstrating the organization’s accountability.

The UNDP values of integrity, transparency, mutual respect, professionalism, accountability and results orientation provide clear principles for the ways staff members interact with their clients and stakeholders, with each other, and in fulfilling their work responsibilities.

How are the values applicable in my daily work?

UNDP is committed to having a dialogue with all staff on the values. This is done via on-going initiatives such as individual learning sessions, ethics training sessions, ethics on-line training etc.

Below are some examples of actions or behaviours of the values in practice. These examples are indicative only and are not intended to be a description of all the actions or behaviours of a value.


You show integrity when you:

o   Act without consideration of personal gain;

o   Resist undue political pressure in decision-making;

o   Do not abuse power or authority;

o   Stand by decisions that are in the organization’s interest, even if they are unpopular;

o   Take prompt action in cases of unprofessional or unethical behaviour.


You display transparency when you:

o   Communicate clearly and effectively;

o   Provide and share sufficient information to keep colleagues informed;

o   Disclose relevant and appropriate information that may influence or affect important decisions;

o   Take decisions on the basis of available information and analysis.

Mutual respect

You exhibit mutual respect when you:

o   Express interest in having a two-way communication and convey that you understand what the other person is saying;

o   Listen actively and without interrupting;

o   Demonstrate respect and tolerance in interaction with other people;

o   Show appreciation of what every colleague brings to a given situation;

o   Follow through on commitments and respect deadlines;

o   Treat colleagues fairly and equally, with dignity and respect, regardless of cultural background;

o   Show respect for and understanding of diverse points of view.


You demonstrate professionalism when you:

o   Show pride in work and in achievements;

o   Demonstrate professional competence and mastery of subject matter;

o   Are conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results;

o   Are motivated by professional rather than personal concerns;

o   Show persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges;

o   Remain calm in stressful situations.


You manifest accountability when you:

o   Take ownership of all responsibilities and honours commitments;

o   Deliver outputs for which you have responsibility within the prescribed time, cost and quality standards;

o   Operate in compliance with organizational regulation and rules;

o   Support subordinates, provides oversight and takes responsibility for delegated assignments;

o   Take personal responsibility for your own shortcomings and those of the work unit, where applicable.

Results orientation

You express results orientation when you:

o   Show a drive for results while keeping the highest standard and demonstrating excellence;

o   Maximize the use of resources;

o   Identify opportunities to improve systems and performance;

o   Display flexibility to adjust plans and priorities to respond to changing circumstances.

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