Vendor database

Procurement unit for UNDP-Rwanda maintains a Supplier/vendor database for local suppliers and consultants. Once a roster of potential qualified Suppliers has been generated, Procurement unit evaluates each Supplier's capabilities and resources to successfully perform on a contract, if awarded. The key parameters, which guide Supplier appraisal, include:

a. Technical capacity to deliver the goods and/or services as per schedule.
b. Financial strength, where the quick ratio is the most widely used test of a company's financial strength and liquidity.
c. The commitment of management to comply with UNDP General Terms and Conditions; and
d. Evidence of meeting national or international quality standards for the product offered; or evidence of national and international acceptance of its services;
e. Production capacity to provide after-sales-service for the goods or services provided;
f. Environmental compliance (i.e. ISO 14000 Certification).

Hiring consultants

70% of UNDP's procurement expenditures are spent for services. These could be executed by companies or individuals.
At UNDP-Rwanda, the first step in selecting Suppliers is often market research, through Procurement notices, particularly if the service has not previously been procured. Procurement unit may source Suppliers through an expression of interest for commonly procured services, or registration of prospective Suppliers at UNDP-Rwanda Roster, where applicable.
Procurement unit maintains a consultants' roster (CV roster) through careful evaluation process.
Registering with UNDP-Rwanda's CV roster can be done by sending CV along with a motivation letter highlighting interested field of work along with supporting documents such as copies of degrees and diplomas to

UNDP-Rwanda reserves the right to reject any CV that does not meet the basic criteria to qualify for CV roster.
The CVs in the roster will be retained for one calendar year. Interested consultants are requested to send their updated CVs for inclusion in the roster at the beginning of the year.
Inclusion of CV in the roster is not a guarantee for any contract with UNDP-Rwanda. Candidates will be further evaluated and/or interviewed for specific requirements for UNDP activities/assignments to qualify for a contract with UNDP-Rwanda.

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