Deepening Democracy through Strengthening Citizens Participation and Accountable Governance (DDAG)

What is the project about?

This is a joint UN flagship programme whose purpose is to deepen democracy, strengthen inclusive citizen participation and accountability in governance.

The programme builds on the foundation laid by the two predecessor programmes (Programme for Strengthening Good Governance/PSGG and Inclusive Participation in Governance/IPG).

It focuses on three main areas: evidence based governance; reinforcing inclusive participation; and strengthening accountability structures.

It places   special emphasis on media-sector reforms to enhance accountability as well as gender and human rights as tools to strengthen citizen participation.

The UN partners in the Programme are UNDP, UN Women, UN Volunteers and Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).


Expected Outcomes

Improved Accountability and Citizen Participation in Sustainable Development and Decision-Making Processes At All Levels.

Who finances it?

UNDP USD 7,095,000
UN Women USD 403,600
One UN USD 2,143,703
Government Of Rwanda USD 300,000
Unfunded budget USD 3,541,200  
Total Expenditure USD 13,183,503