Inclusive Participation in Governance (IPG)

What is the project about

The “Inclusive Participation in Governance” Programme (IPG), targets three thematic areas that are critical to fostering inclusive participation in Governance: 1) Media Reform 2) Political Participation 3) Governance Assessments and dialogues. These areas have been identified through governance assessments such as the Joint Governance Assessment (JGA) and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

The 18-month programme has been developed as a bridging programme between the former Programme for Strengthening Good Governance and the new EDPRS cycle (2013-2018). It establishes a new programme structure of key partners in the area of promotion of inclusive and political participation. It is a partnership between the key national partners and UNDP with financial contributions from the Embassy of Belgium, in line with the Division of Labour.

The programme builds on findings from a number of governance assessments, including the Joint Governance Assessment and the Universal Periodic Review. The challenge that the IPG seeks to address is: “How to constructively engage the population in processes of political governance and participation that contributes to increased accountability”

Who finances it

Donor Contributed amount
Belgium USD 2,722,109
UNDP USD 706,387
Total USD 3,428,496


Total Expenditure

Year 2012
Belgium USD 916,309.97
UNDP USD 607,285.62

USD 1,523,595.59


Interview: UNDP and Government of Rwanda working together

Project start date
Dec 2011
Estimated end date
Jun 2013
Focus area
Democratic governance
Geographic focus
All country
Implementing partners
Parliament, National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, the National Electoral Commission, Rwanda Governance Board, National Platform for Political Organizations, Media High Council
UNDAF result
Good governance enhanced and sustained
UNDAF outcome
1.2 Evidence-based policy making and accountability: effective policy and socio-economic planning, and accountable, transparent management of public resources enhanced
1.3 Decentralization and participation: an effective decentralized administration with emphasis on democratic participation
Project officer
Nadine Rugwe
Head of Unit and Programme Manager
Project Manager
Judy Wakahiu
Project Manager