Our Projects

Poverty Reduction

  • Joint Youth Program Project in Rwanda

    The overall objective of the JYP is to create a conducive environment that advocates for the protection of youth rights and that helps to meet youth’s basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential

  • Building Inclusive Financial Sector in Rwanda ( BIFSIR)

    The programme aims at contributing to capacity building of the various stakeholders at the macro, meso and micro levels, with a view of supporting the development of sustainable, quality and diversified financial services that are accessible to the less advantaged Rwanda, both in rural and in urban areas, and to improve the economic and social status.

  • Support Project for the Rwanda Integrated Development Initiative

    This project aims to support the Government of Rwanda—particularly the Ministry of local Government —to strengthen the National Human Settlement Policy and Strategy in aspects related to environment management, local governance enhancement and technology-driven local productivity. The expected result of this would be to transform the Rwanda human settlement model, in a way that accelerates the achievement of all MDGs and EDPRS targets, including drastic reductions in population growth, maternal and neonatal deaths.

  • Support to Special Activities through Evidence-Based Policy Research and Advocacy in Support of MDG Initiatives in Rwanda

    The overall objective of the project is to support the Government of Rwanda’s emerging crosscutting initiatives and promote advocacy on strategic development issues through the production and dissemination of key national documents.

Democratic Governance

  • Inclusive participation in governance

    The “Inclusive Participation in Governance” Programme (IPG), targets three thematic areas that are critical to fostering inclusive participation in Governance: 1) Media Reform 2) Political Participation 3) Governance Assessments and dialogues. These areas have been identified through governance assessments such as the Joint Governance Assessment (JGA) and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

  • Justice sector support programme 2008-2012 : Access to justice for all,the foundation of good governance and poverty reduction

    The Programme is articulated around the following areas: To build the capacity of the ministry of justice to review and draft laws and policies and sensitise the citizens on basic laws and individual rights; to build the capacities of the justice institutions in the areas of administration of justice, and law enforcement by building a strong judiciary plus an effective and well coordinated justice sector; promote crime prevention through encouraging community policing; strengthen peace building and reconciliation through support to Gacaca and increase access of justice to the people especially the most vulnerable by reinforcing legal aid mechanisms and mediation committees.

  • Support to the establishment of the Rwanda Peace Academy (RPA)

    The Rwanda Peace Academy, an initiative of the Government of Rwanda, supported by the Government of Japan through the United Nations Development Programme, aims to respond to the strong need for sustainable peacebuilding in Africa based on the complexity of conflicts in Africa where standard international approaches, such as short-term stabilization missions by external parties, may succeed in stemming violence temporarily, but fail to consolidate into a durable and lasting peace

  • Deepening Democracy through Strengthening Citizens Participation and Accountable Governance (DDAG)

Environment and Energy

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In resonance with the One United Nations reform to improve coherence and effectiveness of the United Nations System support at country level, and at the request of the Government, Rwanda was selected as one of the eight pilot countries for the One UN reform.


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