UNDP brings the Social Good Summit to Rwanda to connect communities around technology and social media for social change/ Auke Lootsma (Blog)

21 Jun 2013

From 22-24 September 2013, UNDP will bring the Social Good Summit to Rwanda to be part of a bigger conversation about the challenges of the next generation, and how we can address them now. As part of the global community, we want to address one big question: Where are we trying to go by 2030, and how can digital tools help us get there and how to make Rwanda’s voice heard?

Today’s digital landscape is extremely powerful, and when we use social media and technology for good, we can lay the foundations for global change. 

The 2013 Social Good Summit will investigate how key individuals in Rwanda are already pioneering social efforts that will leave lasting impacts. We’ll talk about how organizations big and small can work together with individuals and national and world leaders to maximize their footprint.

During the event, we will debate the path to a better world by 2030, using the powerful tools of technology and new media

UNDP Rwanda will invite community members around  Rwanda for a meet up to connect with each other and discuss how technology and social media can positively impact the issues they care about.

The event is inspired by the Social Good Summit, a unique, three-day conference held annually during the United Nations General Assembly Week to open the dialogues taking place around the UN General Assembly to citizens worldwide. As part of last year’s Summit, people gathered in nearly 300 cities and 150 countries to discuss how to make progress on local and global challenges.

UNDP Rwanda, as part of the One UN, would like to partner with people at all levels of society and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. UNDP offers global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations. The Social Good Summit offers a unique opportunity to discuss how to eradicate extreme poverty, an effort UNDP leads within the United Nations system.

But you can already get involved in the global conversation leading up to the event in September by participating in +SocialGood.

Here is how:

The Social Good Summit partners launched +SocialGood, as a new approach to global engagement that connects innovators around a shared vision: the power of technology and new media to make the world a better place.

Both an online hub and a toolkit for planning year-round events, +SocialGood invites community members around the globe to connect with each other and discuss how technology and social media can positively impact the issues they care about.

This flexible, user-driven platform allows anyone anywhere to collaborate, share best practices, influence local and global agendas, and find new ways to translate their vision into action. +SocialGood was developed and launched by a group of the Social Good Summit partners: Mashable, 92nd Street Y, the United Nations Foundation, the UN Development Programme, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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