Kigali Hosts the High Level Policy Dialogue on Governance and Security in Africa

Oct 6, 2012

Hon. Dr. Vincent Biruta, the Minister of education, opened a High Level Policy Dialogue on Governance and Security in Africa. The conference, which gathered scholars in the areas of peace and security, is organized by the Rwanda Development Board (RGB) with the support of UNDP. It is taking place from 6th to 7th November, under the theme “Assessing the imperatives of peace and stability in the great lakes region”. In his opening remarks, the minister highlighted how Africa has suffered numerous endless conflicts in the past and that governance and security are the key pillars essential to Africa’s development today.

In his statement, Mr. Lamin Manneh, the Resident Coordinator of the One UN in Rwanda/ UNDP Resident Representative, expressed how impressed he has been ever since his recent appointment to the UN System in Rwanda about the tremendous progress the country has made in many development areas including governance and conflict resolution. He commended the country for its ability to address the root causes of conflicts in Rwanda, the remarkable economic transformation, as well as social cohesion. Mr Manneh also commended Rwanda for its commitment to tackle conflicts in the region and beyond through peace keeping operations.  “Rwanda has lessons to offer to Africa especially in the formulation and use of home grown solutions in addressing the security and development challenges”, he added. He reiterated the desire of the UN system and other development partners to continue reinforcing the partnership with RGB in support of Rwanda’s efforts at deepening good governance and ensuring durable stability.

The main goals of the conference are to: (1) Understand the Root Causes of the persistent conflicts in Africa and their effect on governance; (2)   Analyse the initiatives and mechanisms to resolve the insecurity problem in the region and examine the effectiveness, for example, of UN Peace keeping missions such as MONUC and MINUAR, and regional peace initiatives such as ICGLR, and Umoja Wetu; (3) Rethink of the imperatives for sustainable peace and stability and how they feed into good governance; (4) Share ideas and exchange experiences through open dialogue amongst scholars on why there has been lack of satisfactory progress in the areas of peace and security.

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