One UN remains committed to strengthening good governance

Jun 24, 2016

Bugesera – UNDP Country Director Stephen Rodriques has pledged the continued and unwavering support of the One UN Rwanda family in support of the government of Rwanda in its relentless drive towards ensuring citizen participation and accountable governance in the country.

Mr. Rodriques made the remarks at the start of a one day Joint Field Visit of the One UN Joint Program on Deepening Democracy through strengthening citizen participation and accountable governance. The Program is based on a strong partnership between the One UN and several key government institutions.

“We are very proud and very pleased to be partnering with the RGB and various other stakeholders in this journey, we have seen very many impressive results from it, and are committed to the long journey ahead.”

The UNDP Country Director also pointed out the importance of ensuring a strong accountability culture in the country as a pathway to achieving sustainable economic growth and development.

“The two main factors that will tell you how quickly a country will develop is the strength of their institutions and the quality of its governance structure.”

“Therefore, we understand the importance of investing in the National Parliament, partnering with the National Electoral Commission, and working together with the Media High Council, National Forum for Political Organizations in addition to the cooperation with RGB.”  

“We at the UN are invested in improving governance, it is one of the main reasons why we are here,” Mr. Rodriques articulated.    

Accompanied by the Mayor of Bugesera District, Mr. Rodriques and the One UN team visited Amahoro village, located in Juru sector, Bugesera District. It is now home to 69 families that were relocated to pave the way for the construction of the Bugesera International Airport.  

The families decided to forego the usual expropriation lump-sum that is paid by the government, and opted to authorize the government to resettle them in Amahoro village, where two-in-one houses were constructed for them, in addition to being given livestock to rear in order to earn a living.

The Amahoro village came into existence through strong cooperation between the local population, and the Bugesera District chapter of the Joint Action for Development Forum (JADF).

The Joint Action Development Forum was established in 2007 to serve as a consultative forum for District development stakeholders (CSOs, NGOs, Development Partners, Private and Public Sectors and Local Government). JADF operates in all the 30 Districts of the country.

The Field Visit also featured presentations by RGB staff on the flagship RGB research products which are developed to promote and consolidate local governance. In particular, the findings of the latest Citizen Report Card were discussed with local leaders in order to find ways to improve service delivery to the citizens.

Throughout the day, the delegation was also followed by journalists, who were undergoing an MHC training workshop on best ways to do field reporting. During a Q&A session, these journalists discussed issues facing the media sector and the nuances that characterize the working relationship between the media and the government.  

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