Good Governance is central to the development process

Apr 18, 2007

The United Nations Development (UNDP), the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) together with some key national institutions mandated to promote state accountability and responsiveness today signed a project document on Strengthening Good Governance in Rwanda. The key national institutions which will benefit from the project , with a lasting impact on the poor and vulnerable, are the Parliament, the Office of the Ombudsman, the Human Rights Commission, the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, the National Election Commission and the High Council of the Press.

The US$ 10,259,856 programme aims at strengthening accountability and responsiveness of key state  players  for  delivering  the  Economic  Development  and  Poverty  Reduction  Strategy (EDPRS) objectives. It is also meant to enhance effectiveness and capacities of key national institutions, mandated to promote state accountability and responsiveness. The programme is a result of consultative efforts between the Government of Rwanda, DFID and UNDP and those institutions. “This indicates that good governance and greater accountability to the people of Rwanda   are   key   concerns   for   all   of   us ‘’said   Moustapha   Soumaré,  UNDP   Resident Representative”.

The 4 year project will support the development of a responsive and accountable state, a state which enters into a social contract with its citizens, listens to citizens’ voice, allows itself to be held accountable for the way in which it develops its policies and delivers its services, and a state which protects and upholds the rights of all.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. James Musoni reiterated the Government commitment to promote good governance and rejoiced on the fruitful relationships existing between the Government of Rwanda and its development partners in particular DFID and UNDP. “The programme will build the capacities of the staff from the institutions supported by the project”, Musoni told journalists.

The Ombudsman, Mr. Tite Rutaremara, spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries, and thanked DFID and UNDP for this support. “We will be accountable to our people and to our partners and we can assure you that we will make good use of those funds”, he said.

UNDP and DFID consider that governance is central to the development process, and that it needs State capability, responsiveness and accountability. DFID through is recent White Paper publication has put Governance at central of its interventions. “Capacity development is a long term  process”,  recognizes  Vijay  Pillay  of  DFID,  who  commended  the  very  constructive

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