Fukuoka Method Experts Mission to Rwanda : Japanese Waste Management Method Workshop at Kigali Serena Hotel

Aug 4, 2009

As a response to Kigali City’s Mayor’s request to assist with waste management, UNDP-Rwanda consulted the Solid Waste Advisor and Researcher Group based in Fukuoka University in Japan to conduct a study on how to develop the recycling and waste management framework and relating infrastructure to make the waste management socially and environmentally more sustainable in Rwanda. This initiative is conducted through our UNDP funded waste management project.

From the 26th July, 2009 to the 6th August, 2009, a mission team from Fukuoka University, Japan, whose members have expertise in the ‘Fukuoka Method’, is visiting Kigali to implement one component under the new “Consolidated Waste Management Project in Rwanda”. The Fukuoka Method is a semi-aerobic solid waste treatment system invented in Japan. The purpose of these experts’ visit in Rwanda is to learn ways of implementing the method in the country’s landfill site of Nyanza.

A full-day workshop on how to improve waste management in Kigali took place today at Kigali Serena Hotel. The workshop was led by two professors from Fukuoka University in Japan: Dr. Ayako Tanaka and Dr. Yasushi Matsufuji. Further, an approximate thirty to forty (30-40) people from diverse backgrounds, including students from KIST University, Kigali City workers, and UN- staff, attended this workshop.

From what has been learned during this workshop, the key advantages of the Fukuoka landfill method include among others the following:

1.   Leachate is discharged as soon as it is collected in pipes, thus reducing water pressure and the likelihood of seepage. This helps maintain the biodiversity in the landfill site;
2.   Fresh air is naturally brought in through the solid waste. It makes the waste stabilization
and the leachate purification in short time;
3.   The emission of methane is reduced although that of carbon dioxide increases;
4.   It is cost effective and the initial investment is low.

A report of the mission findings will be provided to Kigali city Mayor within the coming weeks. This report will illustrate how the above sited issues (please consult paragraph 2 above) in the Nyanza landfill site could be resolved using the Fukuoka Method.

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