Talking Points for UNRC Press Conference

23 Nov 2011

Brief remarks at the Press Conference for Rwanda’s Participation and Role in the upcoming Busan High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, 29 Nov-1 Dec 2011

  • On behalf of Development Partners in Rwanda, we congratulate Rwanda being trusted to play a critical role among partner countries in the process leading up to the Busan High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness.

  • The dialogue at the Busan High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness is not only of critical importance to Rwanda’s development agenda, but also will have positive impacts on development partnership which we have strengthened over the years. The Busan recognises even more that achieving development agenda globally as well as at country level requires strong and inclusive partnership that support national country’s owned agenda. I believe this is a very positive step forward in supporting Rwanda’s efforts to achieve its visions and goals.

  • Since the Paris Declaration in Aid Effectiveness in 2005 and the Accra Agenda for Action in 2008, under the Government leadership, Development Partners have also made efforts to enhance aid effectiveness and strengthen our partnership. We have undertaken innovations jointly, which are considered good practices globally. Development Partners are assessed annually on our performance against commitments to improve effectiveness of aid through Donor Performance Assessment Framework, and we have also agreed to streamline our cooperation to provide more sizable support in a few sectors, drawing on our comparative advantages. I am sure all these efforts and lessons learned will positively contribute to global dialogue to enhance development effectiveness.