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Youth and Women Employment

The purpose of this joint programme is to support the Government of Rwanda to contribute towards Rwanda’s inclusive growth, economic transformation and accelerated poverty reduction goals as…  

Strengthening Civil Society Organizations for Responsive and Accountable Governance in Rwanda

This project aims at strengthening the capacities of local CSOs enabling them to hold the public and private sectors to account as well as to advocate for the rights of all Rwandans;  

Promoting Access to Justice, Human and Peace Consolidation in Rwanda

The purpose of the Access to Justice, Human Rights and Peace consolidation program is to deepen accountable governance through the promotion of the rule of law, human rights and peace consolidation in…  

Deepening Democracy through Strengthening Citizens Participation and Accountable Governance (DDAG)

This is a joint UN flagship programme whose purpose is to deepen democracy, strengthen inclusive citizen participation and accountability in governance.  

Promoting Access to Justice, Human and Peace Consolidation in Rwanda

The 5 year Access to Justice and Peace Consolidation programme provides support to key national institutions and in particular the Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST), the Supreme Court, the National…  

Support to Special Activities through Evidence-Based Policy Research and Advocacy in Support of MDG Initiatives in Rwanda

The overall objective of the project is to support the Government of Rwanda’s emerging crosscutting initiatives and promote advocacy on strategic development issues through the production and…  

Building Inclusive Financial Sector in Rwanda ( BIFSIR)

The programme aims at contributing to capacity building of the various stakeholders at the macro, meso and micro levels, with a view of supporting the development of sustainable, quality and…  

Building capacity for sustainable land use and management in Rwanda

This project fills one specific gap in Rwandan Sustainable Land Management (SLM), and addresses the root-causes and barriers associated with land degradation from poor cultivation in four districts in…  

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