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UNDP in Rwanda team during the 2019 retreat
Meet the Decision makers

Mr. Stephen Rodriques
UNDP Resident Representative in Rwanda.

SarodriquesMr. Stephen Rodriques (Jamaica) is the UNDP Resident Representative for Rwanda. Prior to this appointment, Stephen served as Country Director for UNDP Rwanda (2015-2018) and was UNDP Deputy Country Director in Indonesia (2010-2015). From 2005-2010, Stephen worked as Programme Advisor in the Operations Support Group/Executive Office in UNDP New York. He was also Head of the Governance and Poverty Unit in UNDP Jamaica (2002-2005) and a part-time Lecturer in Political Science at the University of the West Indies (2004-2005). Prior to joining UNDP, Stephen occupied various positions in the Jamaican Government, serving as Director of Social Policy in the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development (1999-2000), Head of Planning and Development in the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (1996-1999), and Assistant to the Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (1993-1995).
Stephen holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain and both a Master’s of Philosophy in Government and Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica.
He speaks English and Spanish. Stephen took up him new assignment on 15 February 2019.


Ms. Varsha Redkar-Palepu
UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Programme & Operations in Rwanda.

VarshaMs. Varsha Redkar-Palepu (Canada, Sri Lanka) is the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Programme & Operations in Rwanda.

Prior to this appointment Varsha served as Head of the UN RC Office & Senior Policy Advisor for Ethiopia 2018-19, and was UNDP Head of the Regional UNDG Secretariat Arab States/ MENA in New York 2013-2017. Varsha served as UNDP Assistant Resident Representative for Armenia 2011-13 and UNDP Governance Advisor for Somalia 2009-12. Varsha supported the first generation One UN pilot countries as Programme Specialist UNSSC 2007-09, prior to that she was UNDP Learning & Capacity Development Specialist at HQ in New York 2003-07. Varsha has worked as an educator in Community Health promoting youth and women’s empowerment and with the Canadian Ontario College of Teachers 1998-2002. She was a Gender Researcher in Sri Lanka with the Canadian International Development Agency, CIDA, and the University of Guelph 1996-97.

Varsha holds a Masters of International Public Administration, New York University, Bachelors of Education from the University of Toronto and a Bachelors of International Development & Philosophy, University of Guelph, Canada.


Our Team

UNDP team in Rwanda is made of 56 people. They come from different corners of the world and drew their expertise together to support Rwanda attein its vision.

Meet UNDP Rwanda Team

Title Names Email
UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Stephen Anthony Rodriques, stephen.rodriques@undp.org
Executive Associate to the RR Ms. Alice Kayibanda alice.kayibanda@undp.org
Deputy Resident Representative Ms. Varsha Redkar-Palepu varsha.redkar-palepu@undp.org
Administrative Associate (DRR's office) Mr. Placide Ruhungande placide.ruhungande@undp.org
Head of Management Support Unit Ms. Evelyn Wangu evelyne.wangu@undp.org
Progamme Associate, Management Support Unit Ms. Aline Kayitesi kayitesi.aline@undp.org
Communication Analyst Ms. Gisele Nyampinga gisele.nyampinga@undp.org
Communication Associate Vacant  

UNDP advisory Team

Senior Economics Advisor (for Rwanda and Uganda) Ms. Yemesrach Workie yemesrach.workie@undp.org
JPO Economist Vacant  
Research Associate Mr. Evard Havugimana evard.havugimana@undp.org
Research Assistant Ms. Claudine Uwineza claudine.uwineza@undp.org

UN Volunteers Coordination Office

UNV Country Coordinator Mr. Sibomana Jea Dedieu jean.sibomana@unv.org
UNV Programme Assistant Mr. Claude Ruzigande ruzigande.claude@unv.org

UNDP Programme

Transformational Governance Unit

Programme Specialist Ms. Nadine U. Rugwe nadine.rugwe@undp.org
Programme Analyst Mr. Jean de Dieu Kayiranga jean.kayiranga@undp.org
Programme Analyst, JPO Ms. Gertie Steukers gertie.steukers@undp.org
Programme Analyst Ms. Kanzayire Theopista Nwaigwe theopista.kanzayire@undp.org
Programme Associate Ms. Eugenie Musabyeyezu eugenie.musabyeyezu@undp.org
Programme Associate Ms. Cecile Mupfasoni cecile.mupfasoni@undp.org
Programme Assistant Ms. Chantal Mutavu chantal.mutavu@undp.org

Sustainable Growth Unit

Programme Specialist Ms. Madeleine Nyiratuza madeleine.nyiratuza@undp.org
Programme Analyst (Environment) Mr. Bernadin Uzayisaba bernadin.uzayisaba@undp.org
Programme Coordinator (Environment) Mr. Alexis Ndayisaba alexis.ndayisaba@undp.org
Programme Analyst Mr Nicolas Schmids nicolas.schmids@undp.org
Programme Analyst Ms. Hyesu Yoon hyesu.yoon@undp.org
Programme Associate (Environment) Ms. Lucie Masudi lucie.masudi@undp.org
Environment Specialist Ms. Reina Ostuka reina.otsuka@undp.org
Programme Assistant Mr. Egide Kundinshuti egide.kundinshuti@undp.org
Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Mr. Jehwee PARK jehwee.park@undp.org
Partnerships, Resource Mobilization & Innovation Specialist Mr. Amine Ammor amine.ammor@undp.org
Programme Specialist Mr. Qamer Uddin Jatoi qamer.jatoi@undp.org
National Technical Advisor (NTA)-PEA
Mary Rucibigango
Environment Specialist (REMA) Mr. Fred Sabiti fred.sabiti@undp.org


Finance Specialist Ms. Valentine Niwemukobwa valentine.niwemukobwa@undp.org
Finance Associate Mr. Fidele Safari fidele.safari@undp.org
Finance Assistant Ms. Alida Prudence Niyibizi prudence-alida.niyibizi@undp.org

Human Resources

Human Resources Analyst and Learning Manager Mr. Livingstone Mfizi livingstone.mfizi@undp.org
Human Resources Associate Ms. Felicite Dusabe felicite.dusabe@undp.org

Procurement Unit

Procurement Analyst Mr. Mbasa Rugigana mbasa.rugigana@undp.org
Procurement Associate Mr. Nadine Umuhire nadine.umuhire@undp.org

Information Technology

ICT Manager Mr. Fidele Habimana fidele.habimana@undp.org
IT Assistant Mr. Rene Ndayambaje rene.ndayambaje@undp.org

Accelerator Lab

Head of Exploration Ms Elizabeth Mutamba elizabeth.mutamba@undp.org
Head of Solutions Mapping Ms. Vaster Kanyesigye vaster.kanyesigye@undp.org
Head of Experimentation Vacant  

General Administration

Protocol Assistant Mr. Chrysante Birasa chrys.birasa@undp.org
Documents Assistant Mr. Deogratias Nshimiyimana deogratias.nshimiyimana@undp.org
Administrative & Logistics Associate Ms. Placide Murekatete placide.murekatete@undp.org
Senior Driver Mr. Amin Kagabo amin.kagabo@undp.org
Driver (RR) Ms. Godelieve Mukayiranga godelieve.mukayiranga@undp.org
Driver Mr. Jovin. K. Rutagarama jovin.rutagarama@undp.org
Driver Mr. Didace Mupenzi didace.mupenzi@undp.org




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