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Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

Rwanda’s latest data release in 2011 shows enormous improvement in the living standards of citizens over the past five years, and progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - eight internationally-agreed goals aimed at reducing poverty and improving education, health, gender equality and environmental sustainability by 2015. Between 2006-2011, Rwanda has posted an average annual growth of real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 8.4 percent, driven mainly by higher productivity in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Our Goals

Importantly, the poor have benefited most from this growth spurt. The Government of Rwanda has developed their own homegrown initiatives in order to tackle poverty at the most local level. The “one-cow-per-family” programme, for example, provides families with milk for consumption and what is left over is sold for profit, improving nutrition and income at the household level. more

Programmes and Initiatives

Support to Sustainable Environment Management and Disaster Risk Management
Building National and Local Capacities for Disater Risk Management in Rwanda
Poverty Environment Action for SDGs
Support for Devp. & Implem. of a Green Economy Approach

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