Transformational governance

Challenge in governance

As a result of the war and genocide of 1994, there was a total breakdown of institutions, systems, structures and human capacity in Rwanda. Since then, the country has gone through a painful challenge of rebuilding the entire governance infrastructure. From the period of emergency, through the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase up to the current effort of long-term development, a considerable amount of work has been done in the spheres of re-establishing and strengthening good governance.

Our Goals

Presidential elections were held in 2010, and important reforms like decentralization, public sector reform and justice sector reform are underway since a couple of years and transparency and accountability institutions like the Ombudsman office and the Auditor general office are in place.

Programmes and Initiatives

Strengthening Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)
Deepening Democracy through Strengthening Citizen Participation and Accountable Governance (DDAG)
Strengthen RoL in Rwanda:Justice, Gender, peace&security



  • Representatives of 11 political parties trained in international B.R.I.D.G.E. electoral course. 
  • UNDP supported the training of over 70,000 election volunteers that helped election cost remain relatively low.

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