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The mission of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is to help countries accelerate progress on human development, with a particular focus on making the achievement of the MDGs a reality by 2015. In so doing, UNDP plays a key role on behalf of the UN system to promote coordination, efficiency and effectiveness across the system. We provide advocacy, policy and technical support in poverty reduction, democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery, and environment and sustainable development.

We do believe that our human resources are the core asset of the UNDP. As with human development, this places the individual and her/his aspirations, responsibilities, values and capabilities at the centre of what we do.

Working at United Nations Development Programme means driving your career in an organization with an incredible diversity of nationalities, skills, backgrounds, functions and challenges.

 At UNDP, careers are not usually linear, and there are a variety of satisfying paths. While it is your individual responsibility to further develop your own professional career, UNDP will support your efforts through career development, talent management, and provisions for staff training and retooling.

UNDP wants to retain and attract top-level talent. The organization therefore aims to offer a work environment that responds to a variety of staff members’ needs depending on their family situation, age group, cultural background, gender and other factors. These include but are not limited to; acknowledgement of good performance, a balance between autonomy and professional guidance, staff well-being programmes; and strengthening measures for the improvement of work–life balance.

 UNDP intends to offer a variety of career paths for people with family responsibilities, people with different abilities and young professionals starting their careers.

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Current vacancies

Internship Opportunities
TItle Deadline Date posted
Internship opportunity – Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction, Rwanda 25 August 2019 12 August 2019
Internship opportunity - Monitoring & Evaluation, SGU-UNDP Rwanda 25 August 2019 12 August 2019
Programme Management Support Intern 24 May 2019 20 May 2019
UNV Programme Management Support Intern 01 May 2019 26 April 2019

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