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Joint Youth Programme

This Joint Programme on Youth seeks to increase youth (girls and boys) access to decent jobs in Rwanda; empower youth to fully engage in policy-making and civic engagement  

Improving our understanding of poverty

For decades, the global community has been looking at income – counting the number of people who earn less than US$1.90 per day – to determine who is poor. Although income is a good measure, it does…  

Gender Equality for increased productivity and sustainable growth

Gender equality and women’s empowerment GEWE) lies at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which recognizes that achieving gender equality is a matter of human rights and is…  

Goal 1: No poverty

Building an Inclusive Financial Sector in Rwanda (BIFSIR) - Booklet

The Building an Inclusive Financial Sector in Rwanda programme (2010-2015) seeks to tear down the barriers for financial inclusion in Rwanda by contributing to capacity building of stakeholders at the…  

BIFSIR thematic area: Umurenge SACCO

The Umurenge (U-) SACCOs form a part of the National Savings Mobilisation Strategy adopted for creating inclusive financial systems in Rwanda. The first U-SACCO was established in 2009 and to date 416…  

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