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UNDP Annual Report 2004

Dec 14, 2012

The year 2004 has been an excellent year for UNDP Rwanda. The office has delivered approximately US$ seven million in new project implementation, with a 99% disbursement of TRAC (Target for Resource Assignment from the Core, or Core Resources) allocation. As highlighted further below, the impact is noticeable, as key achievements have been made in all areas of concentration of our Country Cooperation Framework.
In 2004, the office has also consolidated the change management process initiated over the past two years since the re-profiling to align UNDP Country Office (CO) human resources with UNDP’s new strategy: providing high quality upstream policy advisory and development services to government partners through a result-based management approach. Progress in this area has contributed to improved morale among staff members at the CO. Participation in this year’s Global Staff Survey has increased three-fold (from 11 in 2003 to 37 in 2004) and the office has also successfully held its second retreat in the past 10 years.
With the progress made in terms of programme delivery, improvement of the CO organizational set-up, and staff morale, resources mobilized at the CO have substantially increased. In 2004, the CO has mobilized more than US$ 11 million, which represents a 55% increase over the previous year’s achievement. This amount also represents 47.5% of the total resource mobilization target of the entire 2002-2006 Country Cooperation Framework. Winning back donor confidence has been the sterling achievement of UNDP in 2004.
Another key achievement of the CO is through the support provided by UNDP to the Office of the Resident Coordinator, not only in its coordination of the United Nations Country Team, but more strategically in the Resident Coordinator leadership role in establishing a joint development coordination and harmonization forum for all development partners and the Government of Rwanda. The Development Partners Coordination Group (DPCG) has facilitated a great improvement in donor coordination in the country through the joint leadership of the Resident Representative/Resident Coordinator and the Minister of Finance and has mobilized more than US$ 1.5 million from donor organizations to support the secretariat of the coordination mechanism – indeed, an innovation in terms of donor coordination and harmonization.
By 2003, UNDP had over 120 projects still on its books. The change that has been undertaken over the last two years by the current UNDP management resulted in the bulk of these projects being successfully completed, closed and taken off the books.

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