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UNDP Annual Report 2005

Dec 14, 2012

The year 2005 saw the UNDP Rwanda concentrating on strengthening its organi- zational capacities and sharpening the focus of its programme activities, in order to enhance the effectiveness of its development assistance to Rwanda. This strategic approach was adopted in the light, and in the context, of recent developments in international co-operation with Rwanda, such as the Paris Declaration on Aid Harmonization and Alignment, ongoing UN reform, and the potential increase in Official Development  Assistance to the country.

These developments necessitated the alignment of development assistance with national priorities and the strengthening of national institutions’ capacities to manage resources in an efficient and transparent manner. In 2005, therefore, aid co-ordination and capacity development of key national institutions were two underlying principles of the UNDP’s development programme in Rwanda.

During the reporting year, UNDP Rwanda also redirected its programmes and reallocated its resources in accordance with the country’s development priorities. The Country Office’s programme portfolio is now more focused and relevant, with new strategic programmes in key areas such as (a) support for the develop- ment of the second-generation target-based poverty reduction strategy (PRS); (b) support for the ongoing decentralization and public sector reform process; (c) sup- port to key democratic institutions; and (d) mainstreaming key natural resource management  issues into poverty reduction strategies.

To ensure the effectiveness of the projects that are implemented as part of these programmes, UNDP Rwanda has realigned its structures in accordance with the evolving demand for its services. This includes the establishment of an imple- mentation service centre to support and professionalize its project management activities. These operational adjustments have contributed to an improvement in the Office’s programme delivery rate. With a total budget of US$ 8 million for programme implementation in 2005, UNDP Rwanda’s delivery rate, as measured by the percentage of budget execution, was 92%. This ranks UNDP  Rwanda among the top 15 of 166 UNDP Country Offices worldwide.

Development partners’ confidence in UNDP Rwanda continued to increase, as was reflected by more than US$ 12 million of non-core resources mobilized by the Country Office between 2004 and 2005.

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