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UNDP Rwanda Annual Report 2007(1.7MB)

UNDP Annual Report 2007

Dec 14, 2012

The UN Country Team (UNCT) in Rwanda has made significant progress in Delivering as One since the sign- ing of the One UN Concept Note in April 2007.

Delivering as one

The UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel Report on System-wide Coherence advocates for the U N system to Deliver as One to overcome fragmentation and duplication of UN operations. At the request of its government,  Rwanda was selected as one of the eight pilot countries in January 2007 alongside Albania, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uruguay and Vietnam.
The overa ll objective of Rwa nda’s  Delivering a s One pilot initiative is to improve the impact, coherence, ef f icienc y a nd positioning of the U N system in Rwanda to better help the country meet the MDGs and guide it toward the fulfilment of its Vision 2020. The reform is based around four pillars: One Programme, One Budgetary Framework, One Leader and One Office.

Main achievements in 2007


In each of the above areas, substantial achievements have been realised since the beginning of 2007, including the creation of a One UN Programme which is aligned with national priorities as outlined in the EDPRS; the establishment of One Budgetary Framework and the One Fund to meet its financing needs; the strength- ening of the Resident Coordinator’s system through the implementation of a clear code of conduct for the UNCT; and further development of common services such as an interagency recruitment panel, a UN travel agency, a UN security unit and a UN dispensary.
A joint communication strategy has also been put in place. The government of Rwanda has allocated a plot of land in Kigali on which to build UN House, which will accommodate under one roof most of the UN agencies working in Rwanda.
The One Progra mme focuses on six thematic areas:

1) Governance
2) Health, population and nutrition
3) HIV and AIDS
4) Education
5) Environment
6) Social protection and sustainable growth

Each of the six groups  is co-chaired  by two UN agencies. Implementation of the One Programme is further supported by two programmatic task forces: the human rights task force and the gender task force.
UNDP is the lead agency for the governance and environment thematic areas and co-chairs the govern- ance theme group and the human rights task force.

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