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Executive summary

National human development report 2007

Dec 14, 2012

After a long and difficult process of recovery from one of the worst atrocities in Africa Rwanda is nowfirmly on the path of resurgence and economic development. In recent years, all the key institutional and legal instruments have been put in place to structure Rwanda’s long-term development.
Today, Rwanda finds itself at a crossroads in its development process. After a successful transition from emergency to stabilisation and recovery, Rwanda now needs to find the path that will set the country on course for achieving theobjectives laid out in Vision 2020.
This transition will create new challenges for Rwanda and require the country to find new sources of growth for long-term human and economic development.
Furthermore, it needs to establish mechanisms for managing the profound structural transformationof the economy and society that will be required
in order to achieve Vision 2020. In this report, we review in depth some of the key challenges Rwanda will face over the coming years and we
discuss possible solutions.

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