Strengthening Civil Society Organizations for Responsive and Accountable Governance in Rwanda

What is the project about?


To strengthen the capacities of local CSOs enabling them to hold the public and private sectors to account as well as to advocate for the rights of all Rwandans;

To enhance the realization of human rights, gender equality and social justice;

To strengthen the role of CSOs in social economic development;

To establish more effective citizen engagement facilitated by the CSOs

Expected Outcomes

Enhanced capacity of local CSOs to effectively and efficiently discharge their mandate;

Increased local CSO capacity for evidence based advocacy;

Reinforced project management capacity of selected CSOS- grantees

Enhanced watch dog role of media organizations;

Strengthened capacity of Rwanda Governance Board as the regulatory authority for local CSOs

Who finances it?

Donor Contributed amount
UNDP USD 3,000,000
One UN USD 1,500,000
Government of Rwanda   USD 1,500,000
Other Donors   USD 2,119,120
Total expenditure Total estimated budget: USD 8,619,120

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