Capacity Building Support to National Environment and Climate Change Fund (FONERWA)

What is the project about?

FONERWA is the Rwanda National Fund for environment and climate change established by the organic law n° 04/2005 determining the modalities of protection, conservation and promotion of environment in Rwanda. It was approved by Parliament in the law No. 16/2012 of 22/05/2012. FONERWA was official launched by the Right Hon. Prime Minister on 09/10/2014.It is a National innovative approach to mobilize and manages the environment and climate change funds from the country, regional and international organizations.  

The project of Capacity building to FONERWA responds to Rwanda’s and future needs for environment and climate change financing, to further support and accelerate goals for sustainable economic development.

The purpose of the project

The purpose of supporting Capacity building to FONERWA is to assist the Government of Rwanda to reinforce the improvements in resource-use efficiency, environmental protection, underpinning of economic growth with a green strategy, while ensuring equitable outcomes for all Rwandans. As the Government itself has recognized, achieving sustained economic, social and environmental resilience will require specific investments as well as policy and governance responses. UNDP supports efficient and sustainable environmental governance systems and mechanisms which require sustained and adequate capacity-development, technical and financial assistance.

Therefore this project aims to enhance the capacity that complements the fund management team (FMT) of FONERWA


The overall objective of the Support Capacity building to FONERWA project is to assist the Fund Management Team (FMT) to operationalize and manage day-to –day activities of FONERWA, and to ensure ongoing sustainability of the Fund beyond the initial two years period, both in terms of securing resources for future activities and ensuring that a functional system.

This project will support FONERWA to finance public and private projects aligned with the Economic transformation and rapid Growth components of the second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRSII). This will boost poverty reduction through financing the small and medium enterprises elaborated with innovation in green technologies, such as renewable energy, waste and Pollution management, sustainable packaging technology and efficient transportation.

Project Outcomes

Capacity building Support to FONERWA is aligned with UNDAP outcome 3: Rwanda has in place improved systems for: sustainable management of the environment, Natural Resources and Renewable energy resources, energy access and energy security for Environment and Climate resilience in line with Rio+20 recommendations for sustainable development.

Project Outputs

·Resources mobilization to finance and further develop National programmes and private sector initiatives which contribute to low carbon and climate resilient strengthened;

·Process of screening projects and disbursing finance is effectively managed;

·Capacity for managing the Fund built and transferred to government of Rwanda;

·Awareness raising to support submission of good quality proposals and reporting on results enhanced;

·Results from the fund are effectively and transparently monitored and lesson disseminated.

Implementing partners

Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) under the ministry of Natural Resources (MINERENA)

Who finances it?

UNDP: US$ 3 000 000

One UN: US$: 2 000 0000

Total Expenditures: N/A

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