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As a result of the war and genocide of 1994, there was a total breakdown
of institutions, systems, structures and human capacity in Rwanda. Since then, the country has gone through a painful challenge of rebuilding the entire governance infrastructure. From the period of emergency, through the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase up to the current effort of long-term development, a considerable amount of work has been done in the spheres of re-establishing and strengthening good governance.

Presidential elections were held in 2010, and important reforms like decentralization, public sector reform and justice sector reform are underway since a couple of years and transparency and accountability institutions like the Ombudsman office and the Auditor general office are in place.

The major areas of interventions, under the democratic practice area (through the implementation of projects) include: support to good governance
institutions, quality access to justice for all, human rights and peace consolidation. In addition, UNDP co-chairs the UNDAF result 1(good governance enhanced and sustained) and working with other UN agencies in implementing joint programs under the rule of law, evidence based and accountability and decentralization components.

The Programme support for Good Governance aims at improving accountability and responsiveness in the Country. The program covers 6 institutions follow up on issues of the electoral process, Human rights and conflict prevention, anti corruption, support to the media and parliament. A gender component has been added to the programme in 2009 to mainstream gender and supports the national women's council.The justice program under the portfolio supports the justice sector; three National institutions are supported with the aim of enhancing capacity building to the institutions and improve access of justice to the poor and most vulnerable (Implementing partners are: the supreme court, the Ministry of Justice, and the Rwanda National Police with a special emphasis on -community policing initiative and fight against gender based violence. Rwanda is one of the few post-conflict success stories in the world. Under the Support to the Rwanda Peace Academy project, UNDP will provide technical assistance to establish the Academy as a regional learning hub offering training and research programs relevant to the conflict management challenges in Africa, that draw on Rwanda’s innovative peace building policies and practices at home as well as its significant contributions to international peace support operations abroad, combined with international best practice.

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