My World after 2015

VOTE  for the changes that would make the most difference to your world

The United Nations and partners want to hear from YOU! MY World is a global survey asking you to choose your priorities for a better world. Results will be shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda. Tell us about the world you want, because your voice matters.


Join the conversation: you can make the difference


What are solutions to some of the major challenges in our world today? From gender inequality and  environmental destruction, to ending poverty, stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS,  bad governance, building institutional capacity, and recovering from disaster – how can we work together to find solutions?

Join the online conversation on each of these key challenges!  We’ll collect the best contributions and share them with our experts

List of actions we are taking together

  • Connect with us around the world

    Like the Facebook pages of our colleagues around the world & follow them on Twitter!  

  • #ActNow - Save later

    Food security will become a major issue in the Sahel during the coming months. Find out more about our efforts to highlight the looming crisis and share our messages:  

  • Women's Rights

    We asked the question "What do women's rights mean to you?" - It was a topic that was close to the heart for many of you. Here are some of your views...  

  • Why would you help end poverty?

    Here are all the wonderful answers that you have sent us. Tag yourself in the one that you can identify with most!  

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