Strengthening Rwanda ’s Evidence-Based Policy, Planning, Analysis, and Monitoring and Evaluation

Mar 13, 2012

On October 10th, 2011, the Government of Rwanda has signed a programme of support with the United Nations for capacity assistance to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) for the Strengthening of Rwanda’s National Evidence-Based Policy, Planning, Analysis and Monitoring and Evaluation.

With a funded budget of nearly US$2 million, the programme has already begun to make an impact under its broad objectives of:

1)   Strengthening the national Monitoring and Evaluation coordination function within MINECOFIN: The mandate for Monitoring and Evaluation lies with MINECOFIN’s National Development and Policy Research Directorate. The Directorate will therefore oversee the implementation of the System that is intended to harmonize monitoring and reporting from the lowest geographic levels of the country right up to the national level.

2)   Preparing a National Monitoring and Evaluation Policy: The Policy will outline coordination and institutional arrangements for the implementation of a National Integrated M&E System. It will, when implemented be supported by an ICT platform that will allow for real-time monitoring and reporting. Planning and policymaking processes are expected therefore to become more efficient. Further, a communications strategy will be put in place to facilitate sensitization on the new System and also for disseminating its results.

3)   Building Monitoring and Evaluative Capacities: The history of implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation systems within countries shows that in order for these Systems to be sustainable, capacities have to be built at all national administrative levels. The expectation is that there will be similar requirements for Rwanda.

Under these broad objectives therefore, the programme has already achieved the following:

•    Sensitization of high-level government officials in the management and conduct of evaluations.

•    Capacity building through the training of 15 key planning facilitators and experts from
MINECOFIN deployed to sectors and line Ministries to monitor the medium-term plan (EDPRS).

•    Capacity support for the conduct of an evaluation of the EDPRS and the dissemination of its findings. Support was particularly targeted at Districts where capacities for the conduct of evaluations are minimal or even non-existent. The findings from the EDPRS evaluation have now been adopted as key inputs for the drafting of the second medium-term plan – EDPRS 2.

•    A draft National M&E Policy: this draft is now undergoing consultation at the national level. The consultative process will shortly move to the sub-national (Provincial and District) levels.

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