With the support from the Gender Monitoring Office (GMO) , UNDP and UN Women, RDB was introduced to the concept of gender equality in the workplace and has had an opportunity to reflect on its performance on those metrics. RDB conducted a Gender Equality Seal diagnosis, which highlighted a number of Gender equality gaps. But the urge to deepen the discussions and extend the analysis to how RDB performs its core mandates of fast tracking economic development in Rwanda by enabling private sector growth, remained relatively unsettled. RDB felt the need to enhance its capacity in gender analysis and create a culture of gender accountability at both institutional and service delivery levels. At the end of the engagement, the study recommended a gender mainstreaming strategy as a key policy document that would help to improve the quality of RDB’s policies, programs and projects to address gender needs at both institutional and service delivery levels.

It is in this regard that we wishes to recruit an individual consultant to develop a five-year Gender mainstreaming strategy that will guide RDB in promoting gender equality in all its functions.

Interested candidates will send their applications which includes technical and financial proposals to UN Women not later 15th June 2021 at 5pm.Candidates will send their applications to rwanda.offers@unwomen.org. The terms of reference are available HERE as a downloadable file. 


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